Admission to the first level of IEA, Pre-matriculation, requires a master’s degree, 100 hours of personal treatment, and an admissions interview. Individuals with substantial prior training may apply for admission with advanced standing. The Institute does not give credit for single courses taken elsewhere.

All new candidates begin as non-matriculated students, and after successful completion of 3 entry level required courses are eligible to apply for matriculation as entry level students.

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Training at the Institute consists of coursework, psychoanalytic work with patients, supervision of work with patients, and personal analysis. In addition, students will be mentored throughout the training process meeting with fellow students in small groups at least three times each year.

There are three successive levels of training: Pre-matriculation, Entrance Level, and the Advanced Level. Once you have completed the three required courses on the Pre-matriculation level, you will consult with the Dean of Training to determine if matriculation to the Entrance Level is appropriate; if you don’t have clinical experience you will begin your internship at that time, if you haven’t already. Track I and II students may begin seeing patients after successful completion of eight courses and approval of the Dean of Training and the Director of the Consultation Center. Tuition payment begins for Track II students when they begin seeing patients.

Upon completion of the Entrance Level, and before continuing to the Advanced Level, students meet with a two-person committee to discuss progress.