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April 11, 2021 from 1-3 PM ET.

Authentic Movement and the Analytic Encounter: A Window into the Unconscious

Authentic movement provides a window into one’s unconscious through a practice of active imagination and embodied free association. Impulses arise through movement, and the resulting embodied experiences then become available for processing verbally with one’s witness/analyst. Authentic movement is both a verbal and nonverbal practice and is especially useful when working with individuals who do not typically respond to traditional “talk therapy” approaches or find it difficult to express themselves with words. This presentation will focus on the practice of authentic movement in conjunction with psychoanalytic processing to deepen the understanding of unconscious impulses and desires. We will explore the therapeutic roles of witness, mover, and the intersubjective space, as well as concepts such as the holding environment, internalization of the good object, and development of the self.

Jamie Yasgur is a licensed creative arts therapist and board certified Dance/Movement Therapist. She has a private practice in Manhattan, where she provides group and individual therapy for adults and specializes in authentic movement. Jamie received her MS in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute and is currently a student rounding out her second year of training at the Institute for Expressive Analysis. In her free time, Jamie can usually be found frolicking in the park with her dog, dancing around her apartment, or enjoying a cup of coffee and a cookie.

Psychoanalysis and Therapeutic Songwriting

Natalie will present on her current patient case, “Kevin” who actively uses therapeutic songwriting as a way to learn about and shift his patterns of self-criticism and self-neglect. Songwriting creates a container for him to safely explore his emotions and experiences, with a compassionate witness (Natalie) standing by. The song format becomes an external version for these parts of himself that he can observe, soften and overtime find more compassion for.

Natalie Ryan, LCAT, MT-BC is a creative arts therapist and psychoanalytic candidate at IEA with a full-time private practice in NYC. Natalie works with young adults and teens incorporating psychoanalysis, creative arts therapy and somatic work. She focuses on supporting her patients to shift patterns in their relationships and internal belief systems, build self-esteem and confidence, and find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Reading Freud Like a Dream or The Freudian Portals

Liza will share her experience of diving into the case studies of Freud for the first time during an independent study at IEA with Cenk Cokuslu in the fall 2020. The presentation will focus on an exploration of Liza finding her way into her own dream-like experience of reading Freud in which portals of wonder and knowledge opened up as she passed through the manifest content of Freud’s words and moved into the latent. By  sharing her experience Liza hopes to inspire her fellow students to continue to read and study Freud because she believes that what he has to say, particularly to those of us listening with an expressive analytic ear is invaluable. The presentation will include a reading of her creative piece that takes the form of a personal letter addressed to Ida Bauer, which is set to be published in the upcoming second edition of Rendering Unconscious, a collection of creative and psychoanalytic focused writings and musings edited by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair and published by Trapart books.

Liza Paap is a practicing psychotherapist and training analyst with a history in creative arts therapy that formally dates back to her early twenties and informally dates back to her first decade of life. In her development as an analyst she has come to view psychoanalytic praxis as a creative arts process, not through the traditional method of creating tangible works of art within the treatment, but rather through an ongoing cultivation and deepening of an understanding of the expression of human creativity inherent in and inseparable from the psychoanalytic act. She is also an accomplished classical and experimental violinist.

This is a free event and is restricted to IEA members and students only.